The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 indelibly changed life as we know it.

For our small business it meant our backlog of work evaporating overnight as our clients had to shut down and shutter up.

In order to stay busy, we reinvented ourselves and began a t-shirt fundraising campaign for fellow small businesses in our community.

For the fundraiser, we handled every aspect of the process; we built the site for and began taking the orders online, purchasing the t-shirts specific to each campaign, screening them, and shipping the finished order to the purchases. The final step was to send the check for the raised money to the beneficiary.

The endeavor helped us create a new service offering of order fulfillment and warehousing for our customers. We will create your online store for you, manage its contents, print or embroider your shirts and hats, and warehouse and ship them to your customers as the orders come in. Through our promotional products distributorship, we can also acquire and warehouse just about any other branded products you could want to offer your fanbase.

From your website you can link to your new and unique online store, or simply use it as a primary website for yourself.

Contact us for more information about this offering, including minimums and fee structures.

Some Stores we’re Hosting